”Ostomy AWEARness – How to join the campaign!


  1. Contact an ostomy pouching company to donate ostomy pouches. During the 2010 and 2013 WWO Campaigns, Hollister donated pouches to every participant.
  2. Promote the WWO Campaign through your skin/wound resource team and nursing units that care for ostomy patients.
  3. Pass out brochures and sign-up sheets throughout the hospital and units. Consider doing an electronic sign up through Sign Up Genius
  4. A week before your event, have a “packet pick-up” location and time to deliver everyone’s ostomy pouch and Campaign instruction.
  5. Perform the WWO 3 Day Challenge
  6. On the last day, host a celebration and awards banquet inviting all participants.
  7. Post pictures or do a slide show for your hospital’s newsletter or website.
  8. Motivate! This is a FUN three days and also educational

Day 1

  1. Sit in front of a mirror
  2. Identify the flattest part of the abdomen so the pouch will adhere best. For this reason, always remember to consult your WOCN to mark patients before surgery.
  3. As needed, shave any hair in the pouching surface. Clean the surface with plain water and dry.
  4. Remove the backing paper to the wafer and apply pouch to skin. Cover pouch with your hand for 5 minutes to allow the wafer to warm up and “melt” to the skin for better adherence.

Day 2

  1. Fill your pouch with a substance of your choice like applesauce or pudding
  2. Practice emptying the contents at the end of the day

Day 3

  1. Participate in day-to-day adventures
  2. Take pictures doing an adventure and email it to your contact person for a photo contest
  3. At the end of day three, participate in the celebration/awards banquet


At the end of the third day, there was a banquet and awards celebration. Pizza, snacks and drinks were provided. Participants entered the room and removed their ostomy pouches for their “ostomy takedown”. Participants shared their experiences. A photo slide show from the 3 day campaign is shown and the award for Best Photo awarded. The banquet is highlighted with a guest speaker, who is an ostomate.

For an incentive for participation, host a contest. At UNC, we had a “Best Photo” Contest and a gift card was awarded to the person with the best/most unique photo. A WannaWearOne trophy was awarded to the unit/service with most participants.

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